Commercial Fencing

Count on Capitol Fence to install fencing that marks the boundaries to your property. For more than 57 years, Capitol Fence has been selling and installing quality fences for area businesses and contractors. Call us for a consultation about the type of fencing you need around your business operation. A simple fence can go a long way in keeping intruders out and away from your business.

Whether you’re looking for an ornamental aluminum or a chain-link fence our company has the products you need at competitive prices. In addition to fences, we install bollards, gates, and operators to help ease traffic in and around your business premises. Rest assured that our products are of the highest quality, and our installation services are second to none.

What Type of Fence Does Your Business Need?

Let us work with you to install the right type of fence and fencing products for your business operation. We understand that you need to keep unauthorized people and vehicles away from your private premises, while allowing free flow of traffic for your employees. Our company provides a wide array of fencing products to secure the perimeter of your property. These include the following:

Chain-Link Fence

Rely on our contractor to supply you the chain-link fencing that offers durable protection.
These fences are developed to meet the rigorous requirements of commercial and industrial applications. People and vehicles do not get past our sturdy chain-link fencing.

PVC privacy Chain Link

Make your chain-link fencing even more secure and provide a higher degree of privacy with this specialty fencing. A layer of PVC slats are added to the basic fencing for heightened protection.

Temporary Fence

Your business may need to put up a fence for a day, week, or month. For these circumstances, our company offers custom temporary fencing systems. These work well to wall off job sites, surround garden centers, and define the space for public events.

Ornamental Aluminum

Aluminum is available in a number of styles and colors for a fence that offers sturdy protection and attractive appearance. Ask our contractor for help in selecting a style and color that works well for your business.


Use bollards to direct traffic and keep vehicles away from sensitive areas, such as your store front, propane enclosure, electrical transformer, or stand-by generator. Let us place these steel posts in a way that accomplishes your purpose.

Gates & Operators

For fences that protect commercial and industrial locations, gates and operators are a necessity. Choose from single, double-swing, barrier gates, or cantilever. We work with you from selection to installation of these features.